so go the ghosts of méxico, part one

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A twenty-two year old woman volunteers to replace a beheaded police chief when nobody else is willing to accept the position. She sets off a chain of reactions for her husband, the Narcos, and perhaps the entire country of Mexico. so go the ghosts of méxico, part one (a brave women in méxico) is the first of a three-play cycle exploring the US/Mexico drug wars.

Selected by American Pulitzer Prize-winning dramatist Sam Shepard as the inaugural play of the first-ever Ellen Stewart Award — named after the famed founder and director of La MaMa— Olmos’s so go the ghosts of méxico, part one is inspired by the life of Marisol Valles Garcia, who stepped up to fill the place of a decapitated chief-of-police in the northern town of Praxadis, Mexico only to be run out of the country by the drug cartels who threatened her life. Matthew Paul Olmos has fashioned these events into a poetic, nightmare-land where the dreamworld and the real world intertwine and the legion of dead from the drug wars return to speak.

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Dates: First Preview: September 14, 2016 Opening Night: September 17, 2016 Final Performance: October 8, 2016

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