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A racy, romantic comedy, Lovers and Other Strangers takes a romp through the challenges and pleasures of love during the late ’60s. The dramatic action is set amidst the pinnacle of the sexual revolution, Senate hearings on birth-control, and America’s questionable involvement in the Vietnam War, all of which forced Americans to reexamine the role government should play in exercising power over individual rights. The play centers around a couple’s impending wedding while delving into the different facets of love in an epoch marked by an acceleration in divorce, single parent households, and premarital sex.

Director Ronnie Washington and an ensemble cast explore the struggles inherent to intimate relationships in five witty and satirical vignettes, including: a funny and moving look at a topsy-turvy one night stand; a sex-starved wife’s search for tenderness from her husband; a torrid affair teetering at it’s breaking point; a jittery groom; and a couple’s reassessment of a lifelong commitment. Through a varied palette of romantic entanglements, the play interweaves these stories into a genuine portrayal of the complications and comedy that are part and parcel of making and maintaining human connections.

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Dates: Opening Night: March 8, 2007 Final Performance: March 18, 2007