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Mabel Kane, a spunky, adventurous woman of mystery and notorious community leader of a very small town, has just died, leaving her three, grown, estranged, and dysfunctional children to sift through Mabel's wishes AND demands for her lucrative estate. Hoping to cash in and run, her children, Marigold (a married therapist), Jadge (a drifter), and Thelma (a DMV teller) are shocked to learn the REAL truth about their mother and her life and the fate which beholds Mabel's estate for all. When the complexity of Mabel's entanglements within her businesses and the community are revealed, no one will ever be the same. Will her children come together and use their grief AND motivation to finally learn to get along and grow up themselves? As they all consider abrupt new life changes within the terms of Mabel's conditional inheritance, what will happen when a family that struggles to find anything in common, emotionally or otherwise, have to work together on a HILARIOUS but DRASTIC new life path?

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