All Because of Infidelity

About This Show

“All Because of Infidelity,’ RETURNS to the stage in New York City. With a new cast, the play explores four couples at different stages of life and types of infidelity who are faced with dealing with the consequences of their choices, and their fates as individuals and as a couple in this eye opening, relevant, edgy, honest, and resonant, dramatic play.

Presented not only as a slice of life narrative, but surprises along the way reveal how our characters and their circumstances are also interwoven. Their poignant situations navigate us through the discovery of themselves and their partners, while revealing their vulnerabilities, fears, secrets, resentments, and ultimately, perhaps even forgiveness… OR NOT? These characters’ decisions will inevitably leave the audience asking questions about their own strengths and weaknesses and ponder why we humans DO the things we do to those we LOVE; and despite societal approval or rejection

Show Details

Running Time: 1hr 50min (1 intermission)
Dates: Opening Night: April 18, 2023 Final Performance: April 23, 2023
Ticket Office: 9176038765

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