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The ever-inventive Pilobolus always finds new ways to explore movement and human relationships, and they are just as curious as ever, in three dynamic programs. Program 1: B'zyrk An Eastern European family circus dreams of success... and failure. Thus begins the work by Co-Artistic Director Jonathan Wolken which anchors Program 1, a tragicomic romp exploring the desire for recognition and the yearning for applause. A full-company debut with a lively Gypsy/Russian/Balkan score, B'zyrk has the comic theatricality of vaudeville and touches upon performers' emotional vulnerability. B'zyrk¹, Gnomen, Symbiosis, Megawatt Program 2: New Duet In Program 2, Co-Artistic Director Michael Tracy returns to a classic Pilobolus theme of intimacy, misunderstanding and hope. In this new duet, the desire of the individual is explored as two separate beings struggle to connect and ask the daring question of whether they truly can. New Duet¹, Prism, Shizen², Walklyndon, Day Two² Program 3: Borderless Innovation For this summer, Co-Artistic Director Robby Barnett teams up with the world-renowned dance-theatre makers Inbal Pinto and Avshalom Pollak from Israel to create a new full-company work. Who knows what new terrain this hybrid of Pilobolus/Pinto/Pollak will discover, what new ingenious images they will create, and what previously untold human connections will unfold? New Pinto / Pollak / Pilobolus Collaboration¹, Aquatica, Pseudopodia, Memento Mori, Sweet Purgatory ¹ New York Premiere ² Contains partial nudity

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