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Lady Shakes Theatre Company is back with the second show in their exciting inaugural season. Twelfth Night follows the journey of twins Sebastian and Viola as they flee threat and violence from their home city of Cienfuegos, Cuba. After a harrowing storm, their inflatable life raft is overturned off the coast of Florida and the twins are separated, each believing the other to be dead. Alone and undocumented, each twin makes their way to Miami in the hope of gaining citizenship and starting a new life in the United States of America.

Adapted by Martha Benson and Chris Klippenstein, this modern retelling of Twelfth Night asks big questions about personal responsibility during moments of national crisis. What does it mean to be a refugee in a country founded by immigrants? How can we learn to stand up to institutions of power when we observe evil happening in front of us? How can we continue to strive towards hope and light in the face of overwhelming darkness?

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