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Tiny Theater includes theater, dance, object-theater and puppet-theater, and occurs on a 6' x 6' x 6' stage in under 10 minutes. The third annual festival of Tiny Theater is co-produced and presented by the Ontological and The Brick Theater, in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. The Alternative Lifestyle Fair TXC Heavy Industries Written/directed by Tom Chao In The Alternative Lifestyle Fair, the nature and very existence of the titular event (happening in a flat Midwestern vastness featuring parking for 10,000 cars) undergo examination by Tom X. Chao (Cats Can See the Devil, The Negative Energy Field), who emerges from retirement for the festivities. They Are Bad People SPi Co. Directed by Gabe Maxson A dialogue between Ann Coulter and Bill O'Reilly, freely reconstructed from program transcripts. Portrait of J.B. Written and directed by Jason Szalla How do we face the brutality of fact, the agitated feverishness which is life? Portrait of J.B. puts forth a painting like a drug, the possibility of a state when everything is happening very quickly as life slows down, a mixture of consciousness and unconsciousness, of fear and pleasure. The Barber of Saskatoon Created by Jane Parrott and Rodrigo Cortes Guadarrama Using live performers, puppets and music based on the original score of "The Barber of Seville", Figaro's tale will be told through the less infamous story of "The Barber of Saskatoon" who in harsh conditions learns to make becoming wigs out of ordinary road kill. 6-Speed New York New Futurists Written and directed by Leah Winkler Fusing the traditions of the balladeer, the abbot, the baker and the barker with a hint of butoh, Leah Winkler, New York Neo-Futurist Rob Neill and one guest delve into chaos and fragility seeking instant revelation. 5 Eduardinos Written and directed by Eduardo Band 3 actors from different countries experience feelings of distance while locked in a 6' x'6' x6' box, while video and a multi-layered sound design clutters their world.

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