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American Globe Theatre presents Three Sisters, a classic by the preeminent Russian playwright Anton Chekhov. Considered the most realistic and prophetic writer of his time, Chekhov depicts a 19th century world that is on the brink of upheaval and change. In the early 1900's there was widespread optimism that the new century would bring prosperity and equal opportunity for all. There was a discarding of the ideals of the upper militaristic class. The three Prozorov sisters, on whom the play revolves, constantly struggle with these new ideas. They yearn to go to Moscow; for a bygone world of varnished elegance. At the same time, the change on the horizon offers a chance at happiness and hope for a new beginning. In a disturbing 21st century, this play from the past encourages us to embrace our common humanity and to cherish the small things in life - or as Chekhov so aptly put, "to look for the beauty in the radish." There is a Gala Fundraiser on Saturday, April 3 at 6pm.

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