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Indeed. What will happen to this great nation when the whole world finds out that America's little sweethearts, The O'Debra Twins, have been kidnapped by none other than their evil arch nemeses, Eurotrash? Only Ted Koppel and Jesus Christ himself can tell. But in the mean time, that same great nation and world that believes The O'Debra Twins are famous stands vigil whilst a tribute to their little darlings, The O'Debra Twins, keeps them going through the night. Will The O'Debra Twins prevail in this battle against good and evil that is actually a very thinly veiled, desperate and misguided attempt at stardom? Lucky for those poor, sweet O'Debra Twins, all their friends and family have conveniently rallied around the stage of the Bowery Poetry Club during their time of need to say their piece. Or show off. During the trials and tribulations of a nation's heart held hostage, the kidnappers themselves, Eurotrash (Artfart and Duchess Lichtenslopp), puts in their two euros. And fortunately, the pagan friends of the O'Debras, The Maidens of Freya (Sage and Lady Issbia) blesses the stage. You can bet that The Roundabout Players wouldn't miss out on their piece of the action. Also basking in the spotlight on this cruise ship of stardom is the cousin of The O'Debra Twins, Johanna Buccola as her original characters Pam, Nikki and Helene, as well as Jason Stella as Ted Koppel, and A Brief View of the Hudson playing their original theme song! A solemn and earnest plea for freedom and liberation indeed.

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  • Dates:Closed on
  • Location:Bowery Poetry Club, Off-Off-Broadway