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Clay McLeod Chapman returns to the stage with The Pumpkin Pie Show: Nocturnal Emmissions, presented by Fractured Atlas Productions. Four all-new stories, each perversely touching and delivered by writer/performer Chapman with ferocious intensity, feature musical accompaniment by Joshua Camp and Michael Hearst. "Fox Trot" is based on the true story of an 80-year-old woman who fought off a rabid fox by gripping the animal's neck and holding it at arm's length for 12 hours until help arrived; "Bladder Companion" is the story of a chronic bed-wetter, salted and corpse-like after falling through his own urine-soaked floorboards; "Chatterbox" is a dialogue between a ventriloquist and his dummy, who becomes violently jealous upon discovering a wedding ring on his master's hand; and "Second Helping" finishes the evening with a tale of a Boy Scout troupe's metamorphosis into a cannibalistic cult of "Bear Scouts." In case you were wondering, the show's title is a southern colloquialism for a sexual act between a farm boy and Halloween's most revered vegetable.

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