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Enter the realm of The Pumpkin Pie Show---a storytelling session delivered with the punk rock Kamikaze intensity of an artistic three-way between literature, theatre and music. Backed by a live soundtrack from One Ring Zero, Clay McLeod Chapman and company shatter the dividing line between spectator and actor to create a rock concert/theatrical sideshow, earning a worldwide cult following that grows with each new performance. The Birds and the Bees includes several all-new stories including: ?Late Bloomer?---A seventh grade sex-ed class turns into an orgy of ungodly proportions. . . ?Bridesmaid?---A younger sister spills the beans on her newly married sibling after a few too many martinis at the wedding reception. . . ?Cradle and All?---A mother turns a high-rise horror into a palatable fantasy for her baby daughter, just minutes before the two come toppling down to the street, forty stories below.

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