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The Puerto Rican Traveling Theatre presents The Mischievous Juan Bobo (Los Titingos de Juan Bobo) by Carlos Ferrari. The production is an adaptation of the well-loved Juan Bobo's short stories, which belong to the oral and popular tradition of Puerto Rican folklore. Juan Bobo is a character who tries to make sense of the materialistic society in which traditional and spritual values have been lost. The play combines some of the best known anecdotes with music and songs, offering a warm nostalgic theatrical experience for those familiar with the tales, while giving new audiences a crisp, amusing visit to the Puerto Rican folklore. Axel Cintron directs. The play tours all five boroughs and nearby cities. The 23 free performances are taken to the most economically depressed areas of the community and to various sites in New Jersey. It is performed in Spanish with an English synopsis available at all performances.

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