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Jennifer Palumbo's The Fairy Tale Academy is about three student storytellers who have to pass the SAT's (Storytelling Aptitude Tests) in order to graduate. The SATs require that they tell the story of The Three Little Pigs without incident. The names of the students? Aesop, Andersen, and Grimm. The slackers manage to somehow work a Giant, Rapunzel, and Snow White into their telling of The Three Little Pigs; creating a hysterical muddle, until the tale is finally guided back along the route to fairytale history. Performance Locations: Saturday, June 17 at 1pm & 2pm - The Brooklyn Children's Museum, St. Marks & Brooklyn Avenue in Crown Heights Admission to the museum is $4, no charge for members Sunday, June 18 at 11am, 12:45pm & 2:30pm - The New York Aquarium, Surf Avenue & 8th Street, at Coney Island Admission to the Aquarium is $12 adults, $8 children & seniors Saturday, June 24 at 1:30pm - Barnes & Noble Park Slope, 267 7th Avenue at 7th Street in Park Slope No Admission Charge

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