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The Deluxe Illustrated Body is a delicate and intelligent contemporary drama about challenges to family and friendship when one of their own experiences a tragic death, forcing all to re-examine their lives and relationships. The death of a family patriarch leaves a young woman to raise her teenage sister and exposes realities and secrets that lead to wrenching but necessary self-confrontation and change. A marriage of thirty years is tested, a priest wrestles with a crisis of faith, a young man descends into alcoholism and a young woman confronts her inability to forgive, even in the face of death. Playwrights Jayson McDonald and Lil Malinich were the recipients of the Brickenden Award for Best Original Script for The Deluxe Illustrated Body, which was originally produced by Three Black Ring in London. Jayson McDonald received a Special Merit Award for his play, "Eclipse County Limits" for the B.C. National Playwriting Competition.

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