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Written & directed by Víctor Varela
Music by Pedro Pablo Pedroso
Lights by Bibiana Scholnik

An Unauthorized View Of History Or The World As A Concentration Camp

Lady Macbeth discovers that Coma-ander is going to attend the premiere of a contemporary art exhibition and goes in his search. The Coma-ander hasn't just shown up in his very best shape and lived to update the most twisted forms of authoritarianism; he also suspects that Lady Macbeth's theater is not understood. It's to Lady Macbeth's credit that the discursive enigmas worsen the confusion of the Comma-ander: the lack of race purity, the linguistic corruption of humanity, and her use of the Spanish and English language to emphasize miscegenation take him indirectly to draw his demons and to expose his worst ideas in public. He is sure that Lady Macbeth came to kill him and attacks his officers for letting her in his security bubble.

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