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MAINSTAGE 2 Chairs, 2 Clowns/Chalk it Up Louisville, KY Performed by Emily Newton, Monica Moreau, Adriana Chavez, Brian Kuwabara, Megan Orwig and Erin Crites. ME YUMMIES Clown and Theatre Company presents two lively opening acts. First, a Vaudeville act featuring 2 clowns appearing as classic nerds that break out into an urban inspired, slapstick rhythm and chair dance. Second, the journey of four clowns, one piece of chalk and endless possibilities; constantly creating the very world that they are stepping into! The acrobatic journey develops as chalk lines are drawn and brushed away. 20 minutes Sun 9/7 at 8:30pm (on a triple-bill with Pants - The Best Show Ever and The CanCan Dew) 12 Hours to High Rascalry Directed by Dodi DiSanto Created by the ensemble with Dodi DiSanto This is show will be developed from the workshop Ensemble Adventures in Clown. Participants shine a light on the spectrum of clown and include both solo and group work. Big and s mall wonders of high rascalry arise from planet E.A.R.T.H. (Extraordinary Adventures Researching Truthful Ha-ha). 59 minutes Fri 9/26 at 7:00pm Sat 9/27 at 5:30 pm Big and Little Minneapolis, MN Performed / Co-created by Galen Treuer and Noah Bremer Directed / Co-created by Sara Richardson Accompanied by accordionist Dan Turpening A friendship unfolds between two idiots after a simple ordeal over a stolen shoe. Live a week in the life of these two bumbling heroes. Performed by members of the award-winning theater company, Live Action Set. Big & Little is fit for all ages (and sizes). 25 minutes Tue 9/9 at 7:00pm (on a double-bill with El Magnifico) Wed 9/10 at 8:30pm (on a double-bill with El Magnifico) Thu 9/11 at 7:00pm (on a double-bill with El Magnifico) The BIG BANG and other small things Studio City, California Written and Directed by Mitchel Evans Performed by Mitchel Evans, Jeff Robinson, Tara Daniels, and Cynthia Mendez The Mitchel Evans Mime Project The BIG BANG & other small things dives into a world that awes and frightens us. From the Creation of the Universe to Love and Heartbreak, MEMP presents the large and the minutiae of life through the Soul of the Clown. 60 minutes Wed 9/17 at 10:00pm Sat 9/20 at 2:30pm Sat 9/20 at 7:30pm The Birdmann Melbourne, Australia Written and Authorized by The Birdmann A man like no man with an ill-fitting suit, styling hair and fastidious humor, having shown in fifteen countries internationally. The vanguard of vaudeville delivers a distinct genre of his very own through plastic bag-juggling, knife-throwing and nostril tea-drinking moments of magnificence. Finding freedom and fun in modern times through unique acts and unusual facts on a tour fantastic. "One of a kind" -The Adelaide Sunday Mail. "funny...invigorating…triumph" -The Melbourne Age 55 minutes. Sat 9/6 at 7:00pm Wed 9/10 at 10:00pm Sat 9/13 at 9:00pm Tue 9/16 at 7:00pm Brazilian Hulk Show São Paulo, Brazil Creator/Director/Cast: Pedro Muccioloco MuccioLoco Circus Have you imagined what it would be like if the Incredible Hulk had an illegitimate child in Brazil? This Brazilian with an Italian Mafiosi great grandfather did! Actually his last name, Muccioloco, pronounced as the Spanish "Mucho Loco," could be translated as "Very Crazy" in English, and gives a hint about his show. A show of transformation and magic, filled with characters who defy the audience's ability to believe their own eyes, either by brilliant illusionism, or the complete lack of shame and common sense of the Creator-actor! Recommended for children of all ages. 30 minutes, Sun 9/21 at 9:00pm Wed 9/24 at 8:30pm Thurs 9/25 at 8:30pm Bury My Heart at Dumbass Cowboy Minneapolis, MN Jon Ferguson Theater Featuring Noah Bremer, Jason Ballweber, Lisa Rafaela Clair, Kimberly Richardson, Sara Richardson and Amy Stockhaus. Created by Jon Ferguson and the company. Award winning theater-maker and director Jon Ferguson presents a romantically tragical clown-western. One grand ol' slice of American violence, presented in wide-screen vista-vision, in the epic and sprawling style of 1940's and 50's Hollywood westerns. A cactus, a sunset and a story called yarn. Be warned: Some folks are gonna die! 70 minutes, Thurs 9/18 at 7:00pm Sat 9/20 at 4:00pm Sun 9/21 7:30pm The CanCan Dew New York, NY Jenny Sargent, Aimee German A tribute to the glamorous 40's in song and dance. These two mavericks have worked together for 30 years as a famous Vaudeville Duo but underneath their sequins and tap shoes lies destruction. 7 minutes Sun 9/7 at 8:30pm (on a triple-bill with 2 chairs-2 clowns/Chalk it up and PANTS! - The Best Show Ever) C'est La Nuit Qu'il Faut Attraper La Lumiere (performed in English) - A Depressive Comedy with Miss Oberniche Strasbourg, France Companie Accès-Soir Writers and creators: Orianne Bernard and Giovanni Fusetti Director: Giovanni Fusetti, Performer: Orianne Bernard Miss Oberniche invites you into her home to show you her universe, her habits, her friends and above all, her charming prince. She is usually funny, but not always. Sometimes she is on the edge of tears. In her home, you will also meet Santa Claus and her boss, God. So, world, hold her tight and make her dance a waltz. Then take her for an extra turn: a turn of laughter, a turn of love, a turn of life! Is anybody looking when no one is there? 70 minutes. Sun 9/7 at 5:00pm Fri 9/12 at 10:30pm Sun 914 at 5:30pm A Glass of Wine Boston, MA Performer/Creator: Daniel Forlano Wouldn't it be nice to relax with a glass of wine? What could possibly go wrong?! Everything! When a simple task becomes a grand ordeal, Daniel persists with breathtaking skills and enlightening humor despite insurmountable odds. He is called, "Quirky in the extreme!" by the Capitol Times, NZ and "The Steven Wright of physical comedy" by Avner (the Eccentric) Eisenberg. 50 minutes. Fri 9/12 at 7:00pm Sun 9/14 at 7:30pm Wed 9/17 at 8:30pm Kill Me Loudly - A Clown Noir New York, NY Cast: Deanna Fleysher, Jeff Seal, Chris Manley, Chris Roberti Director: Eric Davis Dirty Town Productions Sex! Murder! Clowns?! In this dream-like murder mystery, a clown trio attempts to stage a film noir. But beware! No one returns unscathed from the depths of depravity! The clowns get caught up in the corruption, perversion and betrayal of their own twisted tale. Here is a clown show full of drug-addled bums, brain-battered boxers, high society pedophiles, and of course, the barely-clad-yet-deadly femme fatale. Very good intentions. Very bad clowns. 75 minutes Fri 9/19 at 8:30pm Sun 9/21 at 5:00pm Fri 9/26 at 10:30pm Thurs 9/18 at 8:30pm A Little Business at the Big Top New York, NY Created and performed by: David Gaines David Gaines Productions What begins as a dull day minding a popcorn stand outside the circus turns quickly into a desperate and hysterical confusion. The story races from romance to brutal abduction. A dangerous fight scene, a chase across the high wire, and death-defying plunge from the highest platform - all enacted by one (busy) performer. 35 minutes Sat 9/6 at 9:00pm (on a double-bill with PANTS! - The Best Show Ever) Fri 9/12 at 8:30pm (on a double-bill with PANTS! - The Best Show Ever) El Magnifico! New York, NY Performed by Hilary Chaplain and David Engel Directed by Bob Berky You've heard of Houdini, Copperfield and Siegfried and Roy...well, so have they! Last seen on Long Island at the Garden City Motel and Smorgasbord, the magical duo of EL MAGNIFICO! and his sultry assistant have left audiences stunned, mute and begging the world over. Be amazed by feats of prestidigitation, magical daring and the longest pause in theatrical history (this act has been banned by the ASPCA in 27 states and Garden City, Long Island). 15 minutes Tue 9/9 at 7:00pm (on a double-bill with Big and Little) Wed 9/10 at 8:30pm (on a double-bill with Big and Little) Thu 9/11 at 7:00pm (on a double-bill with Big and Little) Manifesto! Washington, D.C. Performed by Mark Jaster, Scott Burgess, Maia DeSanti and Sabrina Mandell. Happenstance Theater Three clowns, two visionaries, and a noise-maker walk into a bar. THIS IS NOT A JOKE. Is it? Fresh from sold out shows at the Capital Fringe Festival... The DC City Paper says "These merry pranksters get it!…glorious nuggets of nonsense…a delightful romp through the surreal…an extra-sensory extravaganza…it is belly-laugh humor." The Washington Post called it "…an ingeniously oddball deconstruction…brash…seductive…Futurism and dadaism pulsed with revolutionary zeal." Beware of Forgeries! Text is from ACTUAL Manifestos. MANIFESTO! is DADA. Clown is HAHA! 55 minutes Tue 9/9 at 8:30pm Wed 9/10 at 7:00pm Thur 9/11 at 9:00pm The Nosdrahcir Sisters Minneapolis, MN Created and Performed by Sara and Kimberly Richardson From two of the Twin Cities' funniest ingénues, Lecoq-trained Sara Richardson and Sage Award-winning Kimberly Richardson, comes "The Nosdrahcir Sisters"-- a sold-out hit of the Minnesota Fringe Festival! In the imaginative lives of two quiet ladies, teacups triumph, aliens say "beep" and mermaids shop in the produce aisle. A mishmash of clown, movement and object-theater, where everything is funny, even the sad. 60 minutes Wed 9/17 at 7:00pm Fri 9/19 at 10:30pm Sat 9/20 at 6:00pm Number's Up! New York, NY Written and performed by John Leo Directorial Consultation by Audrey Crabtree This is a Neo-Vaudeville Ode to the Glorious Awkwardness of Being Colossal global superstar El Macho Del Norte has wandered off for good, leaving his overwrought sidekick pants-down, curtains-up. Left in the lurch, the reluctant hero unpacks his baggage and turns himself inside out. What he finds: a magical therapy umbrella, stupid finger tricks, and existential dirty chair jokes. As he graduates from mere sidekick to triumphant headliner, his bumblings blossom into a show filled with outrageous physical comedy, bittersweet melodies and buoyant gravitas. 55 minutes Tue 9/23 at 8:00pm Thurs 9/25 at 7:00pm Sat 9/27 at 7:00pm PANTS! - The Best Show Ever San Francisco, CA & Honolulu, HI Created and performed by Summer Shapiro and April Wagner. Summer and April, International Ambassadors of Stupidity, invite you to a party in their PANTS! This high energy, high stakes two-woman clown show unleashes the audience into a world of camel toes and lettuce eating contests, slow motion fights and acrobatics. Along the journey these two ladies hilariously highlight the awkwardness and humiliation - and perhaps even the beauty - of what it is to be human. 30 minutes Sat 9/6 at 9:00pm (on a double-bill with A Little Business Under the Big Top) Sun 9/7 at 8:30pm (on a triple-bill with 2 Chairs-2 Clowns/Chalk it up and The CanCan Dew) Fri 9/12 at 8:30pm (on a double-bill with A Little Business Under the Big Top) Party of One Chicago, IL Directed By Sue Morrison Written by Noel Williams and Sue Morrison. Journey through the psyche of Captain Melisande Blue in this award-winning Pochinko clown and Bouffon style show. Packed and ready to go, Mel and her baggage find themselves at a train station exiled for "loving a little too much." Her divine ride features a feisty turnstile, dinner dates with luggage, and a two and a half foot mini version of Gone with the Wind. 60 minutes Fri 9/19 7:00pm Sat. 9/20 9:30pm Sun 9/21 3:30pm Running into Walls Portland, OR Nomadic Theatre Co Created by the performers, Heather Pearl and Sarah Liane Foster, and the director, Michael O'Neill. What would you do if your daily routine were interrupted by mortality, the ultimate interruption? How far would you go to fulfill a promise? Is a eulogy for oneself called a melogy? Physical comedy, trombone medleys, bonsai cultivation, and flamenco come together in one raucous story when our hapless heroines, Pearl and Gerund, tackle these difficult questions. Acclaimed as "funny," "poignant," and "giggle-snort-guffaw inventive," this show is recommended for adults and kids ages 7 and up. 70 minutes Sat 9/13 at 5:30pm Sun 9/14 at 9:00pm Tues 9/16 at 8:30pm The Russian Office Copenhagen, Denmark A live installation created and performed by Denni Dennis You are standing face to face with Lenin, stacks of registration papers, export documents and magazines with a selection of hot girls, offering themselves from 30 minutes to the rest of their lives. Waiting for the stamp in your registration papers (it can take up to two weeks). But don't worry, the vodka is cheap like the fake caviar. Welcome to Russia. $10 One-Time Processing Fee (Once you have been processed, you may return for free at any time. ID will be checked, so do not give your ticket to anyone else.) 30 minutes Office Hours: 9/13 through 9/27, by appointment from 6:30pm to 9:30pm (no admittance 9/21, no admittance Mondays) The Soirée South Paris, Maine Written and performed by Amanda Huotari. Directed by Avner Eisenberg. Celebration Barn Theater You're in good hands with Elizabeth, a charming and witty hostess who, despite pretensions, is contagiously optimistic. A "bon vivant" she never lets a glass get empty. However, tonight is full of surprises and by pouring herself "just a splash" at a time, Elizabeth spills it all. This is one party you won't want to miss. 50 minutes Wed 9/24 at 7:00pm Fri 9/26 at 9:00pm Sat 9/27 at 8:30pm Ten West Los Angeles, CA This Los Angeles-based-comedy troupe of Jon Monastero and Stephen Simon and directed by Bryan Coffee has garnered critical and audience acclaim across the US and Canada, most recently performing with the LA Philharmonic at the Walt Disney Concert Hall. The LA Weekly described their act as "goofy, giddy, funny and executed with infectious charm." With a style influenced by Commedia, clowning, mime and vaudeville, Ten West is inspired comedy for all ages. 60 minutes Sat 9/6 3:30pm Sat 9/6 at 10:30pm Sun 9/7 at 7:00pm FREE EVENTS Subway Parade, Pie Fight & Free Preview Cabaret The NY CLOWN THEATRE FESTIVAL kicks off with the 3rd annual opening day parade! Anyone and everyone is invited to join the city's finest clowns, jugglers, stilt-walkers, and more as they gather at Union Square Park and ride the "L" train to the Bedford stop, then march to The Brick Theater for a massive public pie fight. Red noses and pies will be handed out. The pie fight will be followed by a Clown Cabaret previewing festival highlights. When: Fri, Sept 5 at 4:30 pm (Parade), and 10:00 pm (Cabaret) Where: Subway Parade begins at Union Square Park, the L train, The Brick Free Closing Weekend Cabaret Bitter, deformed and rabidly Caucasian scholar Lord Oxford and his faithful Irish adoptee Patty O'Pattiecake host a vicious closing cabaret for your pleasure. Flags will be waved. Candidates will be endorsed. Lines in the sand will be drawn. Guest performers include Red Bastard, John Leo & Peanuckle, 3.5 Heads and others. Sat, 9/27 at 10:00pm Clown Funeral Procession & Closing Night Party Theatre Group Dzieci leads the Clown Funeral Procession of The NY Clown Theatre Festival 2008 through the streets of Williamsburg with morbid buffoonery, audience participation and the choral singing of sacred hymns. As clown mourners follow the casket to its final destination at The Brick Theater, the bereaved are likely to cry out in anguish to unsuspecting passersby. At the funeral rite following, clown widows and widowers will remember with great passion the achievements of the festival in its 4 short weeks of life. Be sure to stay after the funeral rite for the traditional Closing Night Party. He would have wanted it so. When: Sun, 9/28 at 6:00pm Where: Procession begins at Bedford Ave. and North 7th Street (Bedford stop of the L Train) CABARET Clown Cabaret: September 11th at 10:30pm Hosted by Joel Jeske New York clown performer Joel Jeske brings a dose of old school traditional clowning to the hosting position with an all new character. Watch a man keep a clown cabaret moving without uttering a single word. Bony Lil's Recital Starring Bony Lil and featuring Valerie Thompson on cello 'Bony Lil's Recital' is a piece featuring a serious measured demonstration of specially skilled virtuosity with live cello accompaniment. Nailing Jello to a Tree Kathie Horejsi & Lorraine Gilman A clown has a baby and nothing published in any parenting manual can help as the anvil of life drops on her head. Kathie Horejsi and Lorraine Gilman team up for the first time since they were roommates at Clown College (yeah that one!) to create a surreal puppet enhanced, sleep-deprived world of fantasy and a little too much reality. Dogloveski Created and performed by Clare Parry-Jones. Gladis has left her renowned family's funeral parlour in Poland, to follow her life's dream: "DOGLOVESKI: canine beauty specialist. Service with a smile, from clipping to coffins". Alive or dead, with hair or without, there's something for everyone. Proud Winner of "Open Bitch" award 2008. Clown Cabaret: September 18th at 10:30pm Hosted by Magic Brian Magic Brian hosts this cabaret with outrageous comedy-magic mixed in with a dash of classic sideshow. He has been featured in the Coney Island Sideshow, and on David Letterman. Pandora Created by Kendall Cornell and Ishah Janssen-Faith Directed by Kendall Cornell Performed by Ishah Janssen-Faith This piece was originally created for "Not Just For Shock Value". One clown tries to define evil, but it's like trying to catch water with a sieve. A box found in her path, what's a girl to do but open it? Dictators, vicious animals, selfish people. This box is more than meets the eye. Evil is within. And the more Pandora sees evil, the more evil there is to see. Dogloveski Cooking with Dottie A 7 minute excerpt from "Cooking with Dottie" Co-production of The Amalgamated Clown Company and Three Times Nothing. Devised by Deven Sisler and Jenny Sargent with assistance from Michelle Seekamp & Andy Sapora Cupcakes take flight and musical teacups dance in "Cooking with Dottie", an introduction to a clown show that chronicles the downfall of a nationally loved cooking show hostess, Dottie. Finally, Beatrice, her faithful and awkward assistant, can step into the limelight once and for all. This charming and spirited venture into the dessert of the week tailspins into physical comedy, chaos, and a little burlesque exposing the complexity of the feminine role in today's society. Tip Toe Crash Tip Toe Crash is a unique blend of clowning, physical comedy and mime. This trio, comprised of Skyler Sullivan, Marissa Mickelberg, and Julia Truffat, present a new work. Clown Cabaret: September 25th at 10:30pm Hosted by: The Renaldo The Ensemble Also featuring: Jenny Lee Mitchell, Jonathon Roberts, Richard Ginocchio and Matthew Talmage. Aldo Perez fronts this absurd and virtuoso ensemble who play everything from opera to jazz, and tango to pop as well as original songs with biting commentary and human ridiculousness. All the while serious music smolders out of these embers. Graspy McTakeItAll Graspy McTakeItAll Is feeling a little needy, a little greedy and a whole lot of want. She will consume your heart. And your soul. 3.5 Heads Created & performed by Galen Caplis, Bronwyn Sims & Patrick Donnelly A professional caliber Celebration Of Dance featuring "professional" dancers, with choreography inspired by the Heart and Soul of BROADWAY, assisted by a professional-level technical person. (This is NOT a tango) Coo No More Created by Kendall Cornell, Melinda Ferraraccio & Ishah Janssen-Faith Directed by Kendall Cornell Performed by Melinda Ferraraccio and Ishah Janssen-Faith. Originally conceived for "Clowns by Dead Reckoning" at LaMama in April 2008. In protest of the despicable way in which pigeons are being eradicated, two clowns take to the world of performance art. Why is it called pigeon English? Why is pigeonholing bad? Unfairly hated and feared, these precious birds are being fed rice and ridiculed. Suffering for their art and the pigeons, these two passionate and politically minded clowns will not take this treatment sitting down. They are here, they will leer, and they won't go away. Dogloveski LECTURES AND FILMS The Presence of the Clown David Shiner Award winning director, writer and performer of clown, David Shiner discusses creating new work in clown, working with Cirque du Soleil and on Broadway. "The clown takes our deepest human weaknesses and makes them funny. The clown is also an anarchist. The clown gets to break the rules." --David Shiner David Shiner loves to make people laugh but he takes the art of clowning seriously. "In essence the clown is a character who helps us keep in touch with the sacred part of ourselves," he explains. "It's a difficult part to play. At the core of the character is longing and the wish to find meaning in life." David Shiner and Bill Irwin created the two-man, wordless show, Fool Moon. This evening of 'inspired lunacy' ran from 1992 to 1999, including three separate runs on Broadway. Fool Moon won a special Tony Award for Live Theatrical Presentation in 1999, a Drama Desk Award for Unique Theatrical Experience, and an Outer Critics Circle Special Achievement Award. In 2000 David originated the role of the Cat in the Hat, the host and guide of the Broadway stage musical Seussical. With the support of a grant from the Pugh Foundation he went on to develop a show at Seattle's ACT Theatre and later adapted part of that show for his one-man production David Shiner in the Round. 90 minutes Sat, 9/6 at 5:00pm Undercranking: The Magic Behind the Slapstick Ben Model All silent film was meant to be projected at a faster speed than it was shot at. The slapstick, sight gags and chases in silent movies are based on this speed increase: shooting the film slower than it would be projected, or "undercranking." Join silent film historian Ben Model in this trip behind the sleight-of-hand of silent comedy film. Screening clips and film sequences by Chaplin, Keaton and others - both slowed down to real-time and at projected speed - Model will show how the masters took the physical comedy they learned on the vaudeville stage and adapted it to create new slapstick gags that could never happen or work in real life and could only exist in this wonderful silent, black & white, sped-up universe of the silent screen. This program is a must-see for anyone who loves - or is interested in making - silent movies. Ben Model has been accompanying silent films at MoMA on piano and organ for nearly a quarter of a century, and is also the producer of the "The Silent Clowns Film Series" currently in its 12th season, at the New York Historical Society. Ben performs his original scores at theaters, schools and silent film festivals around the U.S. and in Norway, and his recorded scores can be heard on numerous DVD releases. This fall he will be co-teaching a silent film course at MoMA entitled "Cruel and Unusual Comedy: Social Commentary in the American Slapstick Film". 90 minutes Sat 9/13 at 7:00pm

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