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Host with the Most Shasta Cola, aka Glen Rumsey, returns to Family Matters - in couture of course - to deliver a page turner of a show filled with fantastical and faintly true fables. From Steve Elm's interactive Native American epic to Deborah Black's rendering of choreographer Deborah Hay's picturesque The Runner (2007), and Zach Morris' playful duet accompanied by bluegrass riffs, you will be caught in the undertow of these imaginative concoctions and swept away by Matthew Brookshire's meditative melodies and the good vibrations of hip hop emcee, poet and beatboxer Baba Israel. Created for families looking to introduce their children to fun, intelligent, and provocative live performance, Dance Theater Workshop's Family Matters Series embraces dance, music, and theater. Relaxed and informal, these one-of-a-kind showcases provide an opportunity to turn off your gadgets and experience live performance art made for all ages and presented in kid-friendly, bite-size-pieces.

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