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Throughout the Communist countries of Eastern Europe during the 1960s, a number of young dissident playwrights emerged using techniques of the Absurd to comment on Orwellian aspects of their culture. Here, Brooklyn writer Kevin Doyle appropriates Absurdist techniques to depict aspects of American culture distinctly Huxleyan by nature. In a high-rise Manhattan apartment the worlds of working-class blokes and neo-yuppie hipsters collide on moving day. Not only is Christopher anxious to have all his possessions moved in, he expects a package to arrive at any minute. The stress and suspense is simply killing Jessica, his prospective fiancée. How does a couple cope? Sit down, relax, read the Sunday paper--and let the movers deal with it. Kevin Doyle has penned a play that resists tidy categorization and defies simple definition. Do we live in a democracy, or a market? A nation, or a target group? Part of the Stampede Theater Festival.

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