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Rehearsal for Truth Theater Festival, honoring the playwright and human right activists Vaclav Havel, presents "The American Emperor." It centers on the migration of Jews from the poorest region of the Austro-Hungarian monarchy, Galicia, during the late 19th century. It follows the story of impoverished siblings Mendel and Rifke Beck as the promise of a better life in America looms large. While Mendel leaves for the New World, Rifke stays behind and moves up from her domestic role into one of a leader.

The American Emperor (2018). Written by: Michal Ditte (Slovakia), based on a book by Martin Pollack. Director: Jacquelyn Claire de Villiers. Cast: Elizabeth Andrews, Michaela Boruta, Jennette Cronk, Michael Frishman, Zane Gillion, Megan Metrikin, Caren Skibell.

The performance is followed by Q&A. This event will be broadcasted online, live on Zoom. Registration through Eventbrite is required to receive password for free viewing.

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