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Notes in Motion presents Shift. SHIFT - Innovative Dance Theatre from a Vibrant Collaborative Company New choreography by: Lauren Beale, Susanna Kim, Natalie L'Etoile, Johari Mayfield, Erin Scheiwe, and Amanda Selwyn. Innovative premiere dances including: Like Breathing, Momentum, Modus Operandi, Without, Shift, plus Hold On (2002). Featuring original musical composition by Randy Gibson and Grace Kang. Dances Presented Shift: choreographed collaboratively by Notes in Motion - our weight, our vision, our community Like Breathing: choreographed by Lauren Beale - being still, listening, and finding peace in the uncertainty larger than ourselves Hold On (2002): choreographed by Amanda Selwyn - the fumbling journey of a human connection Modus Operandi: choreographed by Erin Scheiwe - our unity within, measurement of, and identity related to time. Without: choreographed by Susanna Kim - a portrait of a reluctant performer Momentum: choreographed by Amanda Selwyn - the drive to have something different to say

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