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A dyke, a pregnant woman and a porn star get stuck in a sex shop during a snowstorm... No, it's not Playboy's newest Party Joke, but the new play, Seeking Eden, by Sheila Morgan, artistic director of Blunt Theater Company. This provocative and intelligent dark comedy examines the nature of human sexuality and tenderly shows the suffering caused from sexual oppression. It is April 1st and the largest snowstorm in recorded history has covered a small town in USA. Yet Eve Gentile must still open the family business, The Garden of Eden Pleasure Palace, because the famous porn star Lily Luscious is scheduled to sign autographs later that evening. Eve waits for Lily's arrival with an eclectic group of regulars: Chester the Molester, Vinnie, her Elvis impersonating step-brother, Rich and Jerry, the local cops, even her seventy year old college professor as well as a mysterious and fragile woman named Mary. And that's just Act I. "This dark comedy is well structured by Morgan and well staged by director Dana Edell, who gives the outrageous situations just enough of a reality check to let the play's message shine through. The entire ensemble dives into the material and makes the most of their decidedly delirious characters, resulting in one of the craziest "date plays" of 2004." -Back Stage

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