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The question of Security has always been slippery at best, as what may be deemed safe for one person might not be seen the same way by another. The award-winning TheDrillingCompaNY, known for its practice of presenting short plays and projects around a common theme, takes a look at the subject with Security2. A program of nine one-acts, the evening is a continuation of Security, which TheDrillingCompaNY premiered last June. Stories included in Security2 include: A solider recently returned from combat teaches military ethics to a class of new recruits, but finds himself unable to escape the horrors he's seen on the battle field. Applying for a job at a firm where all that matters is winning, a female attorney gets an up-close education on the rules of engagement when it comes to sexual harassment. A man who has basically given up on life is offered a tantalizing opportunity by a mysterious visitor who knows his innermost secrets. A man, a killer whale, a potential security threat (or is it?), and a wonderful opportunity gone horribly wrong. Two pieces dealing with the destruction of Hurricane Katrina: A disparate group of people (ranging from a teacher to a bag lady) try to rebuild their lives (and their peace of mind) following the damage and political fallout from the storm. Also, a woman from Dallas, Texas travels to the Ninth Ward of New Orleans to win a bet. However, she may be unprepared for what she finds far from the safety of her office. A middle-aged woman takes an administrative job with a large firm in order to receive health insurance. But constant interruptions upset the order of her daily routine. A pregnant woman is held by the authorities because of what they think she knows. To win her freedom she has to tell her captors what they want to hear, regardless of whether it may be the truth. A drama in which the practices of "being cautious" and "overly zealous" collide. Three women look for answers and realize the only security one can ever have is to keep asking questions as you go.

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  • Location:78th Street Theatre Lab, Off-Off-Broadway