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Experience the earthy, ritualistic spectacle of Requiem Aeternam Deo: A Play for Everyone & Nobody, written & directed by Fulya Peker. Staging the death of God, this Middle Eastern woman blends Eastern and Western traditions to explore the necessity of creating new values in the midst of such social and religious crises. Based on Graham Parkes' momentous new translation of Thus Spoke Zarathustra, this expressionistic work reaches out to breathe with the spectator, opening up possibilities for discovery through the experience of a communal journey, which may in fact inspire its audience to gain what Emerson called "an original relation to the cosmos," and dissolve the borders of east and west in theater. To hear Nietzsche's words spoken aloud is to realize once again what a truly lyrical writer he is, that, in fact, he is one of our preeminent poets, a sculptor who has transfigured words and made music of them. A captivating fusion of painting, dance, music, and ceremonial rites, Peker's Requiem evokes the spirit of Butoh and Grotowski and is ripe with a sense of the earth. Requiem Aeternam Deo is a timely and provocative play which expresses with real force the need for sacredness in an open universe not constricted by monotheistic laws or man made borders. In our tempestuous religious epoch, this work addresses some of the dangerous trials we are engaged in.

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