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"Who would put a hex on me?" is the question Bob Brader tries to answer in his new dark comedic monologue. Preparation Hex is about hemorrhoids--and it's a love story. A dark comic and highly personal solo show in the vein of Spalding and Mike Daisey, Preparation Hex is about a hemorrhoid, but is at its heart, a love story. When Bob discovers he has a debilitating hemorrhoid and a savage review, he is thrown into a panic and is convinced he is hexed. While taking sitz baths to relieve the pain, he becomes obsessed with the people whom he believes may have hexed him. As Bob tries to find a cure before his upcoming performance, we learn about him getting involved with all the wrong women, meeting the woman of his dreams, and all the people that stand in his way -including himself. Preparation Hex is presented as part of FRIGID New York.

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