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Sister Outsider Entertainment, LLC, introduces Pandora's, a multi-media theater production that gives voice to the Latina/o LGBTQI experience. The production centers on ten diverse monologues that will promote greater understanding of what it means to be Latina and queer for audiences of all sexual identities. Artists from coast to coast and of diverse Latino ethnicities were commissioned to write the monologues which deal with a range of queer identities including bisexual, lesbian, questioning, and transgender. Contributing writers include Dominican poet Lissette J. Norman, and Puerto Rican playwright and actress Janis Astor del Valle. During the show, the Ending Homo-Hatred Outreach Toolkit will be distributed to audience members. The Toolkit will consist of strategies for combating internal and external homophobia, a directory of organizations that can be excellent resources for outreach and other information, a bibliography of articles/essays, books, etc., and available workshops for continued education on issues of sexuality. The toolkit is for both individuals and organizations seeking to build a more just and safer world for LGBTQI communities of color and all citizens regardless of race or sexual orientation.

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