No Pants in Tucson

About This Show

The subversive comedy No Pants in Tucson undresses the lineage of gender oppression by drawing upon blatantly bigoted US state laws that made it illegal for women to wear pants in public. With a creative and producing team of women, non-binary, and transgender artists, the Anthropologists excavates historical newspaper articles, legal text, and photographic archives to unmask the real lives impacted by these archaic laws.

Show Details

Running Time: 1hr 15min (0 intermissions)
Dates: Opening Night: October 13, 2022 Final Performance: October 14, 2022
Ticket Office: 2144183926


Mariah Freda Artemisia/ Chorus One: Dr. Mary Walker / Ivy Nasur / Others
April J. Barber Chorus Two: Alice Wilson / Jou
Jalissa Fulton Chorus Three: Emma Snodgrass / Journalist / Mary Carter / Others
Nazlah Black Chorus Four: Ralph Kerwino/ Journalist/ Doctor/ Jackie Bross/ Harry Allen

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