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On August 28th, 1998, two sisters were killed in an automobile accident, and the world of two New York City police officers was turned upside down. We meet the two officers on the one year anniversary of the death of their wives, and are quickly introduced into the dichotomy of grief. Chris Tucker, a brilliant and promising plain-clothes investigator, walking as if asleep, suffering from chronic insomnia, has buried himself in an already obsessive workaholic existence. Danny Harper, abandoning the world of law enforcement, leaves behind all that he knew, corrupting himself within the depths of compulsive lying and the seclusion of personal chaos. Through their only contact, a phone conversation, once a month, every month, on the anniversary of the death of their wives, the weight of guilt, and the pressures of loss, spirals them both desperately through a quest for the taste of lost personal connection; and to its inexorable resolution, the effects of such a pursuit will leave not only a permanent mark on all involved, but prove in the end you can only save your own world. Appropriate For Ages: 16 and older

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