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A bittersweet comedy, Morning's at Seven focuses on the long-standing sibling rivalries of four aging sisters. All of them have lived "next door" to each other for 50 years. We quickly learn that living so close to one another has taken its toll, and now the mostly quiet life these people share becomes unsettled when the play characters begin to question what to do with their remaining years.

It all adds up to an evening of humorously dysfunctional family life, with an emotional underpinning which anchors the play in reality. By the end, there is hope for a return to a calmer time when, as the poet Robert Browning wrote, "the year's at spring and day's at the morn. Morning's at seven... God's in his heaven... and all's right with the world."

The play was awarded the Tony for the best Broadway revival in 1980.

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