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Presenting approximately 40 different shows, the Midtown International Theatre Festival returns for its sixth incarnation of presenting works of every shape and size, from solo shows to a full-scale rock musical -- with dramas, comedies, staged readings, and everything else in between. Shows include: 21 Stories: A Broadway Tale: A youthful soccer player from Northern England and a woman from Tyler, Texas chase their dreams in New York City. It's about hope, friendship and love -- not to mention that it's a toe-tapping musical. Glory Road: Inspired by Moliere's Tartuffe, Glory Road examines the rise of a television ministry and the loss of spiritual values along the way. Apathy - The Gen X Musical: Follow the wacky adventures of a drug-dealing vamp and her friends as they do acid, undermine authority and treat anything "PC" with insane irreverence. Cex in the Sity: A parody of that popular HBO series, "Cex" deals with fashion, femininity, relationships and the mishaps that come with each. Good Opinions: A comedy about a coat-check girl who works in a restaurant in New York's theater district and is somehow able to discern the reviews of a New York Times theatre critic before they see print. A top Broadway director learns of this and starts romancing the lady, hoping to land some inside info. Charles and Diana: Princess Di meets her Guardian Angel and gets a second chance to live her life over again in this musical fantasy drama recounting her tumultuous reign as both the world's goodwill ambassador and spurned wife plagued by her inner demons. End Caligula: This satirical dramedy details the final days of the Emperor Caligula, and the efforts of the two senators who seek to end his life -- because sleeping with horses is just plain wrong. Entrenched in the Oath: A theatrical journey into the minds and hearts of people who have either served in the current war in Iraq or who have family members serving. The piece uses actual interviews to tell a tale of hope, fear, disillusion, and hope once again. Sex, Cellulite & Large Farm Equipment: River Huston's solo show about her experiences as a sex columnist and educator, as well as situations involving dating, marriage, living with HIV and her arrest for obscenity. Cervix With A Smile: Elisa DeCarlo -- who had at hit at the MITF last year with her show Toasted, portrays a man found naked at the zoo, a dominatrix demonstrating how to torture your mate with kitchen utensils and more -- with original songs. Ribeau et le Piano: Dutch artist Ribeau plays a group of actors, as well as their harried producer, in this musical farce about trying to put on a show. Based on the ballet The Soldier's Tale, with music by Igor Stravinsky.

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