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Love Among Squirrels is an evening of diverse one-act plays by Eric Alter that explore the complexity of human relationships. Plays include: Familiar - two busy people meet on a subway and realize they have more in common than they think. The Bright Eyed Boy - set in the future, two soldiers are forced to defend the land of their respective countries Humility Between 7th and 8th - a powerful businessman is stuck in an elevator alone at 2:00am, with only a young psychology student at the other end of a call box Confession - a short play about the shape of religion in the future Love Among Squirrels - a man in therapy tries to figure out his own family issues Battles Inside the Celebral Cortex - a woman is caught in the crossfire as her consciences "Guilty" and "Not Guilty" battle over whether she should get engaged to her current boyfriend The Sparrow House - a haunting play about the horrors of child abuse Knockout - a boxer turned therapist must figure out how to handle marital unhappiness

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