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Loco-Motion Dance Theatre gives audiences a glimpse into the minds and hearts of its young choreographers and dancers ages 8 - 17. In addition to participating in Loco-Motion's curriculum of modern dance, dance composition, ballet, and improvisation techniques, 41artists from a Dance Lab class have spent the last few months in extensive choreography workshops. Under the tutelage of Artistic Director Lisa Pilato, they have been conceptualizing, creating, editing and executing their own pieces in a unique dance environment that allows for individual creative expression and artistic autonomy. There are 10 pieces in the performance some of which include: "Dear Mr. President," a political plea to President Bush with dancers representing underserved Americans and one representing Bush as an out of touch leader. Included topics are homelessness, the no child left behind policy, gay rights and over-crowded jails; "Free," a civil rights dance to "A Symphony of Brotherhood" by Miri ben Ari and inspired by the teachings of Martin Luther King, Jr., the dance focuses on unity and acknowledges how much work has yet to be done to achieve racial equality; and "Legacy," a modern dance piece based on research and photographs of turn of the last century immigrants and utilizes six foot long thin sticks of plywood as props that transform from oars, to bridges to tenements, etc. It juxtaposes the initial hope of the immigrants against the harsh realities of finding their place in a new world as they seek a better life for their future generations. Other dances explore themes of loss of childhood, the war in Iraq, the importance of friendship and the joy derived from being a part of a creative community. The performance will prove to be an entertaining and thought-provoking experience for audiences of all ages.

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