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For over two decades, Boston-based satirist Max Burbank has used sketches, monologues, plays, novellas and essays to illustrate how comedy and cruelty go together like cookies and milk . . cold comfort food, yes; but comfort just the same. Hello, Cruel World features 9 sketches & monologues set in a world where murderous plots are hatched at the counter of Mr. Turkâs Muffin Hutch; post-9-11 executives get back to normal by reverting to their old Type-A selves; happily married straight men question their sexuality as recurring dreams of rough sex with Richard Dreyfuss begin to escalate; Cybernoir detectives wax poetic as their partners drop like flies; and Mary & Joseph scheme to scam the Wise Men after misplacing the Christ Child (they think maybe one of the animals ate him). Scott Stiffler directs.

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