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Amnesia Wars Productions presents Mary Shelley's Frankenstein as their first fully scripted production. Shelley's macabre nineteenth century tragedy are often confused and confounded by the themes and images perpetrated by James Whale's 1931 film adaptation featuring Boris Karloff as the lumbering, flat headed, bolt-necked monster. The Victor Frankenstein of the novel is a morose and disturbed doctor who fears success to such an extent that he ultimately abhors his own creation and leaves it to fend for itself in an unfamiliar world. Shelley's Monster is a gentle, articulate being who teaches himself to speak, read, and reason. The story of this pair is not an analogy of technology out of control, but rather a morality play about parental responsibility and self-fulfillment. The production features original music composed and performed by Squonk's T. Weldon Anderson.

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