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Henry Alford (of VH-1's "Rock of Ages") hosts this unusual show. Big Kiss: New York's Funniest Unknown Actors Tell Their Most Humiliating Audition Stories is an evening of true comic monologues by actors who have endured particularly unusual auditions: -An actress asked to dress up as a koala bear and copulate with an actor she finds attractive only when he is in the bear costume. -A woman hired to pose with her own poop at a Japanese artist's very avante-garde exhibition. -An actor encouraged by an experimental director to descend from human form to that of a cockfighting chicken. -A young actress who horrified a room full of mothers at a Disney audition by performing her own sexy interpretation of Paula Abdul's "Cold Hearted Snake." -Plus hilarious horror stories about auditioning for MFA programs, TV commercials, musicals, and a gay phone sex line.

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