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The 2004 New York International Fringe Festival presents Lynn Rosen's dark farce Back From The Front. The play shows us an unusual day in the very public life of the Walker family. The Walker's eldest son, Robbie, is missing after having been shot down in the war. In roll the camera crews to cover the story, and suddenly, this odd family is under the microscope of a national audience. Giving in to pressure, the government sends Robbie home. But, hmmm, is it really Robbie? Some family members believe it is, others do not. The play unfolds as the family's government liaison attempts to micromanage the beliefs of family members who refuse to accept the sweet ending the government had in mind. Schedule: Saturday, August 14 at 2:15pm Sunday, August 22 at 7:30pm Monday, August 23 at 8:00pm Thursday, August 26 at 5:15pm Friday, August 27 at 3:00pm

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