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Autopsy is the dissection of an interior journey. Tragically comic and absurd, the performance examines the personal drama of this journey in five women. While exploring luscious and demanding movement, stories of change and discovery are unveiled. With landscapes and props made of paper and blacklight, the performers navigate through a unique transformation from their history to the present. First we observe them as isolated bodies of objectification, as though seen through a pet shop window. With simple, trite movements that echo the sensual, the performers are cold, passive and enigmatic. They slowly transform through a collage of duets and trios allowing us a peek under the microscope. Only when they tell their stories do we get the full view, leaving us compelled to evaluate the dichotomies of artifice versus reality. Imbued with a stunning psychological terrain, Autopsy plays both ends against the middle. Autopsy is choreographed by Ashleigh Leite.

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