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A collection of short plays on relevant mental health issues and the stories of those whose lives they touch. A diverse professional cast, directed by a team of veteran directors, present the various styles of original plays.

"Phone Friend" by Jonathan Josephson, directed by Judy Dodd: Two lonely strangers connect when a widower keeps dialing his wife's old number and one day someone else picks up.

And "Crossroads of the World" by Mark Okladek, directed by Brian Henry. A Times Square subway station and an exhausted young businessman is stuck in a turnstile with no one in sight but a homeless vet.

Other plays are:
"Into the Arms" by Russ Cusick, director: Drucie McDaniel
"My Three O'clock" by Douglas Davis, director: Dan Capalbo Jr.
"Hang-ups" by Brett Hursey, director: Celine Havard
"It Gets Better" by Logann Grayce, director: Jean Tait
"Hero" by Phil Darg, director: Anita Hollander
"Lunatic" by Judy Dodd, director: Joel Bernstein
"Dragged" by Emily Hageman, director: Celine Havard

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