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Adramelech's Monologue, written by Valère Novarina with Hilario Saavedra and translated by Guy Bennett, is presented as part of Act French: A Season of New Theater From France. In the middle of Valère Novarina's Le Babil des classes dangereuses ("Babble of the Dangerous Classes") came a lengthy monologue by Adramelech, the Drama King (Both Melech in Hebrew and Malik in Arab translate as "king"). This monologue, originally performed in France by André Marcon, has become a play in itself, a one-man tour de force with many productions since its premiere in 1984 at the La Rochelle and Avignon Festivals. In the most vivid but disordered way, Adramelech tells stories of the wars through which he lived, of his childhood, his passions, his numerous crimes. He issues appeals to former classmates, strides along in the French Alps, mimics the Bible and seems, indeed, on the verge of prophesy. "Sufferin'sycophant! Sufferin', sulfurous supine, simian syllogist!...Ah, the disappointments of my life's voyage with its lame stations! Adrameon, Ablamelion, Ablamelech: Shut up or step up, but not more words!"

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