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Great Scott Films Inc. and Megan Bienstock present Abandoned Stillness. Abandoned Stillness is bi-annual festival blending different art forms and media into one evening. The current presentation of "Abandoned Stillness" features the debut of the play, This Is Way Beyond My Remote Control, written by Megan Bienstock. Directed by Mahayana Landowne. This is Way Beyond my Remote Control, is a vivid and adventurous theatrical work that is a moving exploration of love, loss, and what remains; All entangled in a collision of memories and reality. The play's mixture of visual allure and emotional clarity; grants us access to the actual experience of letting go of love. The evening also presents two mind expansive animated short films by the animator/ Graffiti Artist Sam3. His work is sometimes ironic, other times poetic, but consistently thought provoking. Sam 3's films explore the idea that there is no beginning or end, only a constant shape shifting continuous existence.

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