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Join us for an "enchanting" evening of fantasy and fairytales as we deeply explore the Celtic folklore behind the characters in Shakespeare's funniest and certainly most magical comedy. The Faerie King and Queen are feuding and an enchanted forest has become their battle ground. The Faerie court and its many spirits are in upheaval; the Banshee are crying, the leprechauns are broke, the elementals moody, and the pixies are pixxed (cranky). Tensions are high and there is a serious shortage of glitter. Not the ideal setting for a rehearsal of Pyramus and Thisbe. Nor is it the best place for defiant lovers to escape angry fathers and the unyielding law. The results are hilarious. Co-Directors Nanette Asher and Jonathan Emerson use folklore to enhance the storytelling while also providing a richer sense of the mythology and the heritage that inspired many of the characters in this "magical" tale. Joe Sebring's environmental design (incorporating an LED light forest and set pieces that make use of puppetry) is an audiovisual sensory experience that brings audiences right into the heart of the forest. Helyn Messenger's costumes beautifully connect each character to the Faerie world and bring the folklore to life. Don't Miss It!

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