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It's a magic day for Tina Talkington and her animals! Tina cast a magic spell to make her stuffed animals talk! Owl, Fox and Beaver spring to life, while Tina turns herself into a Dolphin up a tree! How will the animals learn to work together and get Dolphin out of the tree? Owl sings "fly." Fox sings "learn to walk." Beaver is busy building a bathtub. In this hilarious and interactive combination of comedy, songs, slapstick and drama, the different animals learn how to co-operate to save Dolphin. Kids yell out answers to help the animals learn to understand their differences--even appreciate them! A Dolphin Up a Tree! is lightly based on the Myers-Briggs theory of personality types and Howard Gardner's theory of Multiple Intelligences. "During my early school years I knew I was different, not being good at math or sports," says playwright Kimberly Foster. "The four animals, representing four human temperaments, learn they must coexist despite their differences."

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