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Meet ten middle aged co-workers as they enjoy what they think will be just another night out. Each one making an attempt to escape the woes they left in their lives, past and present.

The story begins when Dale, breaks up with her boyfriend who she thought would see forever with her. As she begin to release her thoughts, anguish, and frustration, with each of her friends being reminded that they too have items in their minds they would have rather left home, items that reappear at Marlo’s causing a total meltdown among the group.

The Meltdown is a story of many tales; it touches on social issues that have plagued us all at least once in our lives. This tells a story of sisterhood between an unlikely collection of friends, it is a story of love for humanity, most of all it is a story of self love.

The Meltdown is what happens when a shocking force of emotions sweeps in and forces one to look at their own baggage of lies and conformity.

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Dates: Opening Night: May 27, 2011 Final Performance: June 5, 2011

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