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On the heels of their acclaimed productions of 1931- and Success Story, The ReGroup turns its attention to the Group Theatre's first play, Paul Green's The House of Connelly. With special permission and support from the Paul Green Foundation, this poetic tale of the last dying gasps of the Old South trying to prevent the progression of new ideas gets a much overdue NY revival. Wayward son Will Connelly, heir to the famous Connelly estate finds himself unable to live up to the prestige of the legendary Connellys of the past. When Patsy, daughter of the new tenant farmer arrives on the estate, is it love at first sight or does she have her calculating eyes on becoming the new Mrs. Connelly? The struggles between tradition and change, black and white and truth versus secrets come to a shocking conclusion. Though the Group made Mr. Green rewrite the ending to make it more hopeful, the ReGroup will be presenting Mr. Green's original ending. It is sure to be jaw dropping 80 years later.

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