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The Capital Mall is a rock opera in two acts about love and life in the working world of modern day America. Set against the grim backdrop of corporate downsizing and layoffs, it is the story of a few simple people struggling to deal with the harsh realities of our increasingly detached and dehumanized society. As the title suggests, the story takes place in and around a busy urban shopping mall. Writer/Director Eric Jaimes based the play loosely on the Fulton Mall and its surrounding environs in downtown Brooklyn. Locales include the Montague Street shopping district and the beautiful Brooklyn Heights Promenade. While the mall serves as both the ensemble's place of employment and a powerful symbol of corporate America, the play focuses more deeply on the profound psycho-social impact that "bottom-line obsession" has on the workers who actually drive corporate success. And what it reveals is that the constant push for increased profitability, even in a place as unlikely as a shopping mall, often comes at the expense of our own humanity.

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