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Click here to see the trailer! Poor Food is a stage play written to fill a bowl with laughter, mixed with the former shows - The Beverly Hillbillies, All In the Family, Good Times, Who's the Boss, sprinkled with a pinch of sarcasm and spoonfuls of "put downs." Moments are so tensed they can be cut with a knife. The roast is all in fun. 'LandLord' "I can't tell you how to manage your finances. What I can say, you're living above your means." Michael D'Antoni, 'Poppa Lloyd', "He's right, but who in the hell isn't with this economy. If I ever catch my stockbroker, I'll divide his dividends into two. Matthew Mendez, Ethel, "Are we too poor to be rich and to rich to be poor?" "I can't move. What will my friends say?" Tym Moss, 'Momma Suzie', "We can't move. We have no-good luggage." Not accepting partial rent shows bad manners, Landlord. I know you were raised better." Stephen Suarez, 'Oswell', He said, "Change it's here - yes it is, right in my pocket." Rob Buckwald, 'Hank', "Considering the facts based on the current statistics, 1 out of 5 households are starving, living under the poverty line. That's precisely accurate. I'm arriving at your place of habitation in zero point 9 minutes for dinner. All cast members are not new to show business. They've been in film, television, radio, the internet, comedy shows and more. Adrianna De Jesus Director, Gina Hunt, Producer. Ira Schiff, Stage Manager of Productions, Dolly Holland, Consultant, Yanel Severe, Editorial. Debbra Liverman creates comedic plays for everyday situations.

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  • Dates:Closed on
  • Location:American Theatre of Actors, Off-Broadway