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Experience whimsy, mystery and delight at the New Victory Theater's first-ever New Victory Danish Festival, a project of the Danish Art Council's DaNY Arts initiative in Denmark. Five of Denmark's most acclaimed performing arts companies take residence in the The Duke on 42nd Street and the New 42nd Street Studios - five intimate and nontraditional playing spaces - to present the U.S. premiers of five very special works for young audiences. Songs From Above Teater My and Teater Refleksion Recommended for Ages: 2 to 5 Running Time: 30 Minutes Seating Capacity: 40 Kick off your shoes and enter a magical white tent strewn with stars to savor the life's simplest pleasures. A diorama of innocent and joyful moments is revealed: splashing through puddles, running barefoot on the summer grass, being tucked into bed at night. Perfect for the youngest audiences, Songs From Above is a world where everyday activities are transformed into interludes of sweet and wide-eyed amazement. Elephant And Crocodile Corona La Balance Recommended for Ages: 5 and older Running Time: 55 Minutes Seating Capacity: 180 Elephant lives alone and enjoys his peace and quiet. Crocodile moves in next-door and loves to play his violin - at all hours! With only a thin wall separating their lives, can these two solitary characters find harmony and become friends? Author Max Velthujs' playful book, Elephant And Crocodile, comes to life with the music and slapstick silliness of Denmark's first National Children's Theatre Ensemble. The Attic Under the Sky Carte Blanche Recommended for Ages: 6 and older Running Time: 50 Minutes Seating Capacity: 45 A young girl with a big imagination discovers a hidden world in this whimsical, wistful and wordless play. With surprises around every corner, she and her delightful, steadfast guide open box upon box containing secrets, memories and dreams of days gone by. Incorporating elements of theater and puppetry, The Attic Under Sky celebrates a child's sense of wonder and discovery. Hans Christian, You Must Be An Angel Gruppe 38 Recommended for Ages: 8 and older Running Time: 40 Minutes Seating Capacity: 50 The princess' pea rolls around on a topsy-turvy plate and the Snow Queen's rose suddenly freezes in an icy glass vase. Gather around the table for an extraordinary feast for the senses in this innovative mix of theater, puppetry, film and special effects. Staged in a room set for an elegant birthday party, two waiters guide you through nearly two-dozen magical place settings that spring into motion unlocking the identity of each fairy tale guest. Visually stunning and highly original, Gruppe 38's Hans Christian, You Must Be An Angel is a curious, multi-media production and one-of-a-kind experience. Diva Sofie Krog Teater Recommended for Ages: 12 and older Running Time: 40 Minutes Seating Capacity: 45 In the depths of a dark and quirky cabaret, the lives of a beautiful diva, her lovesick butler, a mischievous lab assistant and a beyond-mad scientist are about to collide. Audience members are lured into the mystery within the cabaret walls as each character endures an ill-fated night that may well be their last. Diva is a tour de force of manual dexterity that features the talented puppeteer Sofie Krog manipulating all of the action on multiple stages from inside a small revolving theater. Note: Contains Mature Subject Matter

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  • Location:New 42nd Street Studios, Off-Broadway