J.A.P. Chronicles, the Musical

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Ali Cohen has an axe to grind…and she’s getting it all on film!

Meet the girls of Willow Lake Camp: they’re a bunch of J.A.P.s – “Jewish American Powerhouses! J.A.P. Chronicles, the Musicalis written, composed, and performed by Isabel Rose, based on her hit novel The J.A.P Chronicles (DoubleDay). Carl Andress directs.

In J.A.P. Chronicles, the Musical, six former bunkmates reunite at Willow Lake Camp’s 100th anniversary. Ali Cohen, the former “ugly duckling” turned self-made swan, secretly hopes her teenage tormentors have grown into adult losers. As each woman steps into focus, however, she discovers that things are not quite so simple. Her expectations hilariously undermined, Ali reconsiders her subjects (not to mention herself) as whole, flawed and, finally, very human beings. Isabel Rose portrays all six characters.

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Dates: Opening Night: May 3, 2006 Final Performance: May 28, 2006

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