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How does a computer scientist hook up with a molecular biologist? He blinds her with science, of course. In Completeness, when Elliot (Karl Miller) builds a computer program to help Molly (Aubrey Dollar) with her research project, the variables in their evolving relationship shift as rapidly as the terms of their experiment. This deft and imaginative new ROM-comedy shows that even the most sophisticated algorithm may freeze in the face of life's infinite possibilities. "A funny, ridiculously smart new play. I haven't seen another play recently that so perfectly captured love -- hot-blooded, fearless, fickle -- at this stage in life. I was left with nothing but admiration." - Jeremy Gerard, Bloomberg News Four stars. "Incredibly seductive."- Helen Shaw, TimeOutNY "Words are both barbed and seductive in Itamar Moses' heartbreaking COMPLETENESS. Pam MacKinnon's direction is keenly felt. Dollar and Miller give gorgeously painful performances." - Mark Peikert, New York Press "An engaging ride. Moses has a pitch-perfect ear for conversation and scientific gobbledygook." - Joe Dziemianowicz, Daily News

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