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German Theater Abroad (GTA), in collaboration with LAByrinth Theater Company, presents New German Voices, a five-day-long festival featuring readings of eight contemporary German plays in English translation. Hosted by The Public Theater, the festival runs June 27th through July 1st, where the Shiva Theater will be transformed into a German bar environment through a theatrical installation by artist Nils Grossien. New German Voices will also feature panel discussions with the various writers, directors, and actors involved in the readings. Through these readings, New German Voices examines contemporary theatrical texts as a reflection of today's culture, politics and society. The overall aim is to encourage an exchange of opinion and discourse across cultures. Sunday, June 27th at 7 PM FATHERTONGUE, by Albert Ostermaier. Wolf, a young man, returns to his home in Germany, after spending years away, to collect the inheritance left to him by his father. His monologue becomes a confrontation of his own lies, a self-evaluation where all of life's supposed certainties are tested. Monday, June 28th at 6 PM THIRSTY BIRD, by Kristo Sagor. The lobby of an airport: in the middle of passengers and employees, travelers and those who will stay behind, a girl and two homeless men meet. Out of the emptiness of the waiting comes a game of expectations. Thirsty Bird is a story about passers-by and friends, intense and at the same time fleeting. Monday, June 28th at 8:30 PM SLIPPED DISC, by Ingrid Lausund. Five employees are in the Boss' outer office, waiting to enter the "lion's den." The entrance of the Boss is choreographed to the smallest detail. And when they leave the office, everything is perfect, naturally. Tuesday, June 29th at 6 PM GADAFFI ROCKS, by Oliver Czeslik. A man comes onto the stage. He greets the audience, straps on explosives, wires himself up and starts telling stories: about Allah, the Holy War, and Susanne. Tuesday, June 29th at 8:30 PM FUTUR DE LUXE, by Igor Bauersima. In an age when humans can be technically reproduced, Pop Art will reach perfection as Population Art. Futur de Luxe deals with loss of identity and individuality, and with the threat to our existence posed by the consequences of genetic engineering and plastic surgery. On Friday evening the Kleins, a family headed by a wealthy Jewish physician, are faced with questions that humanity has only dealt with theoretically. Wednesday, June 30th at 6 PM IT HASN'T BEEN THIS WILD IN OUR FORREST IN FOREVER, by Theresia Walser. Where would a lonely person be without an audience, a suffering person without witnesses -- and doesn't every injury create its own tragedy? IT HASN'T BEEN THIS WILD... is a play about the battles of perception. Wednesday, June 30th at 8:30 PM THE WOMEN FROM BEFORE, by Roland Schimmelpfennig. Twenty-four years ago, Frank swore that he would always love Romy Vogtldnder and now, suddenly, she is here to remind him of his promise. In the meantime, Frank married Claudia, had a son, and has long since forgotten Romy until the moment she appears on his doorstep. Thursday, July 1st at 8:30 PM REPUBLIC VINETA, by Moritz Rinke. Five businessmen and a female assistant travel to the country for a planning conference on a special mission. In a secluded, run-down villa in the former East Germany they work on the "Vineta" project, a new city and "theme park for broken dreams," that will be built on an uninhabited island. What follows is an ideological struggle for power between the executives. All readings are followed by discussions with the authors.

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  • Location:Public Theater, New York City