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Happy Hour: It Takes 3 is a physical comedy about Mark, Ambrose and Matt: childhood pals, grown-up roommates and out-of-work clowns. Facing eviction they book a gig to perform their "world famous" boy band act at the Hollywood Palladium, even though they have no way to get to Hollywood… and no boy band act. Through precision slapstick, comedic acrobatics, ironic mime, live musical performance and aerial stunts, the performers create a high-energy world of surprises. Rendered in the tradition of great physical comedians such as Jackie Gleason and Steve Martin, Happy Hour in It Takes 3 transcends formulaic circus comedy to create an evening of theater that is remarkably genuine, wildly funny and accessible to a wide audience. At its heart is the story of an enduring friendship between these three misfit buddies as they travel through an uncertain world and have a rockin' good time along the way.

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